Recurring Content

Atheist Bible Study

This is a series of posts where I am studying the Bible in depth from the perspective I have now of an atheist.

Atheist Mama

Atheist Mama is a semi-weekly column that covers various aspects of my secular parenting experience.

Dear Christians

Dear Christians is a weekly column that I address directly to people of faith. It covers my own experiences, as well as apologetic arguments I come across. I try to keep it positive, as a dialogue, not a condemnation.

Feminist Friday

A column devoted to talking about feminism in theory, practice, pop culture--whatever comes up.

My Journey

A chronicle of posts dealing with my specific journey out of Christianity, in no particular order, and my Bricks in the Wall series.

Sunday Soundbites

Starting your week off with just a little bit of something. Began as just a column to present a news tidbit with little commentary, but has since morphed into a spot to start the week positively.

Women of Doubt

Women of Doubt is a recurring column, usually posted for Woman Crush Wednesday, that details women who were nonbelievers or factored heavily in the world of nonbelief, humanism, atheism, etc, or in history at large.

WTF Moments

In my WTF Moments column, I detail stories that make me go, "WTF, guys..."