About the Blog

About The Blog

You may find this blog to be a bit "all over the place", but I assure you, that just because it seems to be madness, doesn't mean there's no method to it.

This blog details the experience of one woman, recovering from faith, exploring the different aspects of her identity and how they intersect, putting it all in a larger cultural context of the world around her.

Sometimes, it seems to scatter in various directions--from talking about faith (or the lack thereof), to parenting, to current events, to theories. As an avid learner, I am eager to share anything that catches my interest.

This is my commitment to you, should you choose to travel this road with me: That I will always present content that I, myself, would want to read. And I, my friends, am a VERY picky and demanding reader.

So please, feel free to look around.

Posting Schedule

We loosely follow this posting schedule:

  • Monday through Friday (1 to 2 posts)
  • Sunday (1 post)

Don't hold me to that. I do try to hit at least one post a day, but sometimes my physical world intervenes. I blog for fun, not profit, so I have to work the rest of my life around it. Believe me, I miss it more than anyone else when I can't get to it!

My columns appear in the following order:

  • Sunday: Sunday Soundbite
  • Monday: Bricks in the Wall
  • Tuesday: Dear Christians
  • Wednesday: Women of Doubt
  • Thursday: Atheist Mama
  • Friday: Feminist Friday

Columns are typically the very first post of the morning.

A Note on Perspective

This blog is written exclusively, except for guest posts, by a cisgendered bisexual white feministic atheistic stay at home mother born and raised in the southeastern portion of the United States. My background as a fundamentalist Christian comes exclusively from independent Baptist churches and schools. I'm also pretty fundamentally pro-choice and pro-LGBT+ rights. I'm an enthusiastic firearms owner, and I consider myself a socially progressive fiscal conservative. So there's that.

I say all of this to make a simple point: I can only write from the perspective that I, personally, own.

All opinions are my own, and while I try to see issues from multiple angles, I am only human. All posts should be taken with a grain of salt and constructive debate is always welcomed.

A Note On What is Capitalized, What is Not, And Why

I don't know many other kinds of blogs that have to take this into account, but as an atheist blogger, I do feel like I should explain what grammar rules we are following and which we are discarding. There are a few terms in particular that cause some consternation, so I'm going to go case by case for the ones that I've thought about.

God: I capitalize God when referring to the Judeo-Christian or Arabic god. I use a lower-case "g" when I am referring to god as an abstract concept. I do not capitalize when it is pluralized, because that is always in the abstract. I capitalize the names of other deities as they come up.

Personal Pronouns Referencing God: I read a blog post once that said that, grammatically speaking, you are supposed to capitalize "He" or "His" or any other personal pronoun referring to God. I do not follow this rule. I feel like it's an example of religious privilege built into the very structure of our language.

The Bible: It's weird, but this was the hardest one for me to figure out. You'll notice a progression through posts--the Bible, The Bible, the bible, all have been used at one point or another. At this point, I've asked myself, "How do I cite any other title in my blog posts?" The answer is, I capitalize and italicize, and so I will be doing the same for The Bible.

I think that about sums up the major points. A weird topic to include, but I wanted to make it clear and hopefully avoid any future grammar police.

A Note for Christians in Particular

My dear friends, I'd like to take a very quick moment to clear up something that could be misconstrued.

I know some of these posts will leave some feeling attacked and defensive. Please don't. Any post regarding my personal thoughts and feelings is just my perception, and all perception is innately flawed.

Most of the Christians that I know are wonderful people. The majority are intelligent and open-minded, kind and compassionate.

But that I know many wonderful Christians personally doesn't change my view of the religion as a whole, and I can't help but point out the problems that I see within the system. This is not an indictment of individuals, but an indictment of a belief system that I consider flawed. This is a significant distinction.

Please take this blog in the spirit in which it is intended--one person's journey, one person's reflections, one person's thoughts and feelings. I do ask that everyone on the blog maintain a spirit of tolerance and civility at all times.  Please respect the beliefs (and nonbelief) of others, and feel free to notify me of any issues in the comments or blog posts themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!