December 08, 2016

Ways to Save: December

Per our discussion last month after Trump's election, I'm coming up with ways to save up to $5 every month in order for people to dedicate that money to organizations who will oppose the worst policy suggestions Trump has made to protect all of our rights.

I'm going to try to offer 5 ways each month, so that people can try to find a way that works with their lifestyles. I'm going to try to avoid focusing on things like "quit eating out" because you can find that information anywhere.

1. Program your thermostat if you can.

The Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat between 7 and 10 degrees higher or lower than your ideal temperature for eight hours a day.

You don't really have to go that extreme to see a change, though. Maybe drop it by two or three degrees from where you are most used to it and see how it goes.

2. Give Meatless Mondays a go.

If you're an omnivore, depending on how much you spend on meat, dedicating one day a week to going meatless can save you anywhere from $5 - $10 every week, maybe even more.

3. Adjust your tax withholding.

I'll be honest. I don't do this one personally. I like having a big tax return. However, adjusting your withholdings can increase your monthly take home (obviously) and thus allow you to have a lil more money to fund your resistance.

4. Coupons!

This will probably be a recurring one, but here's a list of available coupons currently. I just briefly glanced through and saved $5 on things that I know we'll need this week. Check it out here.

I don't always find coupons useful because we use a lot of generic products usually, so I understand if this isn't particularly helpful. But I really recommend taking a look or even googling for coupons for the brand name products you do use.

A word of caution: It's important to balance what you actually need to purchase against coupons. Don't wind up actually increasing your spending by mistake!

5. Invest in a reusable water bottle if you use bottled water.

We all know this basic pitch: reusable water bottles are better for the environment and for your wallet. There's a moderate amount of additional effort required in washing and drying and putting them away and filling it...but I doubt it factors much into the overall reduction of the effort.

I'm personally a big fan of whatever was on clearance that time I went to Wal Mart to buy reusable water bottles, but you can find some suggestions from Real Simple here.

So these are all pretty rudimentary, but I hope you can find something here to help out this month. Let me know if you have any additional ideas, or if you try any and they work or don't work. Best wishes with your resistance this month!

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