December 07, 2016

The Sneaky Agenda of Pedantry and White Supremacy

Yesterday, I was watching a video of Roland Martin debating with "alt-right" (white nationalist) leader Richard Spencer over at According to Matthew, and I was taken aback by one thing. You can see the whole clip in the link, and it's worth a watch, but what really struck me was an exchange about white supremacy.

Martin asks Spencer point blank whether he is a white supremacist, and Spencer replies that he absolutely is not. White supremacists, he says, believe they should rule over other races, and he does not. Therefore, he is not a white supremacist.

This is true. In the most literal sense, the definition of white supremacy is:

the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.

So you can see, there is an element of domination in that definition. But what's so slippery about this literalism is the way that it skirts over the first part of that definition. Spencer does say very specifically in the segment that he does not believe in racial equality because, "People are born with different talents."

By allowing them to continue to use this as some kind of a loophole to get out of the charge of being white supremacists, we're doing a huge disservice to racial justice in the United States.

The truth is, you don't have to actively espouse the belief that one race should rule over others to be a supremacist. You just have to passively accept the structures that keep that system in place, and this is most definitely true if you accept the first premise of the definition, which Spencer clearly does. This Spencer does with gusto, even going so far as to argue that whites are discriminated against because they are "underrepresented" in the tech industry, despite the fact that they are overrepresented in so many other fields.

We have to change our understanding of white supremacy to include supporting the system, period, and not actively working to dismantle it--and this is Spencer to a T. At the least.

Don't let these dumbasses squirm out of the label because they don't want to rule over others when they are actively whining about the "underrepresentation." Sorry, bruh, that's just not how this works.

This is not normal. Don't let it become normal.

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