June 02, 2016

That's...that's not how evolution works, Rush...

Rush Limbaugh decided to talk about the Cincinnati zoo incident, and in a lot of spewed ridiculousness, here's the real cinch:

I’ve always had a question: If we were the original apes, then how come Harambe is still an ape, and how come he didn’t become one of us? “Well, that’s why they’re all missing link, Mr. Limbaugh. Your question is absurd.”

What is...what is he even saying in the second part there?

For what I hope is the last time but know isn't: "Why are there still monkeys (or apes or gorillas or whatever)?" is a terrible argument.

There are still these creatures because we diverged from a common ancestor. Gorillas didn't evolve into humans. Gorillas and humans evolved from a common ancestor. This may have happened as much as eight to nineteen MILLION years ago.

It's not a linear progression. Indeed, it looks more like this:

I remember hearing this argument back when I didn't understand evolution and thinking, "That's brilliant. That's such a good point. I'm going to save that and use it."

No. Don't do that. If you can state this argument with a straight face, please go back and refresh your knowledge of the basics of evolution, because you do not understand.

This has been a public service announcement.

Can we please stop listening to Rush Limbaugh now?

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