January 31, 2016

Sunday Soundbite: Dog goes out to pee, runs half-marathon instead

According to the post on Imugr:

Early Saturday morning, Ludivine, a two-and-a-half-year-old hound dog, was let out of the house in Elkmont, Alabama, to do her business. Prone to roaming around town at will, Ludivine snuck out of the backyard and made her way to the starting area of the inaugural Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon about a quarter mile away.  
Ludivine proceeded to mingle with the runners, run the entire 13.1-mile course, cross the finish line in an unofficial 1:32:56, and have a medal draped over her floppy brown ears—all without her owner, April Hamlin, realizing she had wandered off in the first place. The incident was first reported in Canadian Running Magazine. 

Check out Ludivine's pictures here.

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Here's to the start of another fantastic week!

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