January 10, 2016

Sunday Soundbite: Caitlyn and Her New "Leash" on Life

Last year, a dog was found here in South Carolina with her mouth taped shut. Because it had been tightly taped for days, there was significant damage to her snout and tongue. She was rescued, and the Charleston Animal Society began a long and tedious process of fixing her up and trying to save as much of her tissue as possible.

Today, Caitlyn is a state inspiration, and her story has spread over the globe. Here's her and her foster brother, Oreo, celebrating the holidays this past year:

She's still a loving, trusting pup by all accounts, and I think that's an amazing testament to the resilience of these pups. Humans may do their worst, and the dogs still open up to us. I don't know that I'd be so kind and caring.

Anyway, if you're interested in following Caitlyn's story, the CAS has regular updates on their Facebook page. Click here.

If you've missed the story, here's some of it:

Caitlyn Revealed: DNA test shows mixed ancestry of America's Dog

People Magazine names Caitlyn the dog 'The Best Survival Story of 2015'

Caitlyn the Dog--A Survivor's Story

Initially, they weren't sure Caitlyn would survive, but she has and has become a sort of mascot for animals in need of rescue everywhere.

One more superfluous picture:

Anyway, I hope you have all had a fantastic Sunday and that your week only gets better from here!

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