October 09, 2015

Feminist Friday: #PissForEquality, and other news

I'm just going to do a quick round-up of feminist news from this week, and some thoughts on it.

Here we go.

#PissForEquality and How We Love To Hate Feminists

Let me be clear: Don't get your news from InfoWars.

I actually legitimately lost respect for people I saw sharing this. It's amazing what we believe when we are highly motivated to do so.

If you're not aware of the details, check out this Skepchick post: 4Chan Proves Just How Gullible Anti-feminists Are With #PissForEquality.

The moral of the story: fact-checking works. A little bit of fact-checking would go a long way, especially right after this story broke. I hope that everyone who shared it enjoyed poking fun at feminism. I have to say though...if people have to make up shit, instead of addressing your movement's actual arguments, it probably means your arguments are good, man. So, as an internet debater I butted heads with recently said: thanks for the confirmation.

It's October, Time for the Season of Cultural Appropriation

There's plenty of crap to talk about regarding costuming. Just check out this Buzzfeed video: Men Try On Ladis' Sexy Halloween Costumes.

But there's more than sexism this time of year; there's also a significant amount of racism.

Check out this piece on the Mary Sue "That Person is Racist Vs. That Costume is Racist". It's a good breakdown.

At this time of the year, if you have to ask, "Is this racist or sexist?", it probably is, and maybe you should steer clear.

Men Fear Women Will Laugh At Them; Women Fear Men Will Kill Them

A high school in Idaho was put on lockdown after an apparent threat was made because cheerleaders reputedly refused to send nudes to a guy who then said he would kill people.

Are we allowed to talk about misogyny now? Women don't owe you their bodies, guys. Full stop.

You can read that story here. Fair warning: the format of that site is weird and I don't like it.

Love Yourself

Check out Bustle's piece on 20 Body Positive Affirmations That Could Help Change Your Perception.

Loving yourself is a gift you give to you every single day.

You can also check out these body-positive throw pillows on The Stir.

God Defunds Planned Parenthood; Satan Stands Up For Women

Witty Bitches is talking about how the arch-nemeses are lined up on opposite sides of the reproductive rights debate. Check here.

Outgrowing Your Age

Looking older than you are has an impact on a young girl's psyche. Eve Vawter shares her own experience in I Was a 10-Year-Old Girl in the Body of a 16-Year-Old.

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