October 22, 2015

Atheist Mama: Share your parenting triumphs

Can we just pat ourselves on the back for a bit?

I had a whole lengthy serious post planned, and then I was like--I don't want to be serious. I want to celebrate the fact that sometimes, I get it right, and you should too!

So if you are a human, cat, dog, other animal, or alien parent...gimme some of your recent success stories.

Here's mine.

  • Earlier this week, my older kid said to the younger, "Let me offer you some free advice...talk less, smile more...", while they were arguing. I count this as a success because it's quote from Hamilton, and that means I've successfully gotten them interested in a Broadway musical enough that they are using it in their every day vernacular.
  • Yesterday, my older kid's bus broke down on the way home. All the kids had to unload and sit on a dusty dirt road. Older kid was worried that the other kids were hungry because he was hungry, since he was missing his afterschool snack, so he opened a bag of cookies he had leftover from lunch and shared them with everybody. When I pointed out that it was considerate, he responded, "We're all human, Mom." #ParentingWin
  • Littlest kid has been especially helpful, chipping in to help me fold laundry (he's four going on five, so that's a big deal for him!) and do other stuff around the house.
  • I've done everything within my power to keep them healthy, well-fed, and alive, and so far, so good. I may eat them tomorrow.

Parenting's not always fun. It can be difficult, unappreciative, and unrewarding. We're parents, yes, but we're also human and we make mistakes. Those are the facts. And sometimes, it's easy to fall into the trap of only remembering what we do wrong, and not celebrating the moments that highlight what we've done (and continue to do) right.

There's no such thing as a perfect parent. I wish you luck in doing the absolute best you can for the next week, and I'm sending you good vibes for the days that "absolute best" translates into feeding, bathing, and not eating your offspring.

I'd like to leave you with some words of wisdom on a meme I've found helpful recently:

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