July 27, 2015

I took some time off, and here's what happened.

I took some time off. A lot of time off.

First, some squee...we are successfully in our new home. We are first time home owners, and I absolutely love this place. If we could get grass to grow in the backyard, it would be absolutely perfect. Well, that and if it were a little bit closer to where we lived before--it is a little difficult being over an hour away from my family and friends, and all of the stuff that we had in our prior home city. But still, I love the neighborhood, it's quiet and peaceful, there's a ton of other families with children, and my spouse's commute was cut by an hour and fifteen minutes each way. That's a hell of a lot of extra time together.

Now, onto some musings and navel-gazing.

It's been over a year since I re-launched this blog as a place to explore atheism and feminism and whatever other topics I decided to look into. I've enjoyed it. In that interim, it's taken a couple of different turns. Initially, I did a lot of current news mixed with some longform pieces. For a while I focused mostly on columns. Now I am going to shift for a while into a more personal blogging set up. I absolutely promise, I am not going to bore you with my kids' snotty noses and other goings-on. What I want to do is explore some of the self-reflection I've been doing and approach current news and other subjects by focusing it through a personal lens. I haven't been as good about doing that. I've tried several different voice during the evolution of this outlet, but I think the absolute best voice is *mine*, and mine is personal. That's what I do best.

I still intend to do some longform pieces. I will be bringing back my Atheist Bible Study, and I will be doing Women of Doubt, Dear Christian, Atheist Mama, and Feminist Friday columns to make sure that I'm still tapping into a wide variety of topics.

You may notice one column missing from that list: Stories in Stupidity. One other moment of soul-searching--and you can probably blame my recent reading of The Essential Dalai Lama for this--had me wondering if I really want to spend my time snarking on the negative. Sometimes, that's a great outlet--Shut up, Phil Robertson! comes to mind--but more often than not, outrage culture leaves me feeling outraged and tired. There's still plenty of room to shine the light on a variety of issues--tackling, for instance, my own racism in a recent post was really hard, and very negative, but I think incredibly important for me to begin working towards being a better human being and a better ally to the people around me. So I'm not a Pollyanna, and hopefully this blog will never become just an echo chamber for my happy thoughts. I just don't know that the snarking is the best PRIMARY outlet for me to work from. It makes me shift and view the entire world from a more negative angle.

So I don't know that I will be bringing back Stories in Stupidity. I am going to see how it goes and try to strike up a positive balance.

I also scaled back some other blog branding outreach shiznit--I deactivated the blog's Twitter because I rarely used it. I'm not currently updating our Tumblr and I don't have any plans to start again soon. I am still using my personal Twitter, of course, and I still have the blog's Facebook page open so that readers can connect and get updates when new posts come up, plus I can easily share what links and resources on that page that I find interesting.

So, anyway, I will wrap up my navel-gazing for the moment and say that I am incredibly happy to be back to blogging. I hope you all enjoy the things that we'll be talking about over the next couple of months. I'm excited to be talking to a few potential guest authors that I think will have some great perspectives and give us some fresh voices. And...that's it. That's all I've got.

Thanks for hanging around.

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