April 17, 2015

Open Thread: What does "shortly" mean to you? (And other thoughts)

Well, I promised to be back shortly. But what does shortly really mean? What is time, any way?

I'm truly missing blogging, but between packing and getting ready to move and everything else, I am so beyond stressed that I really can't manage it right now. I don't want to push out substandard ramblings just because I want to put something out there, and my thoughts are really scattered at the moment.

I love writing. I love blogging. I'm only human, though. We will (hopefully) close in less than two weeks now, and then hopefully we'll be done with the move by mid-May.

I really do have a ton of thoughts (as promised) and I have a lot of pieces that are in various stages of completion. I also recently had a chance to knock out a few books from my "To Read" list (Full Frontal Feminist, Philosophy 101, and Coming Out Atheist, just to name a few) and I have some thoughts that I am exploring triggered by each of those texts, not to mention tons of personal anecdotes to share that are relevant to da blog.

So, there's a lot to come. But I need your patience in the meantime.

Again, as I always say, you can follow along on any blog reader (I use Bloglovin' myself) to be updated when new posts go up, or you can subscribe via email. I am still checking the blog's email account, as well as my Twitter and the Facebook page (all linked in the sidebar), so feel free to keep in touch.

For now....what does shortly mean to you?

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