March 23, 2015

Story in Stupidity: Let's talk about Pat Robertson and how you can catch the Buddhism.

I promised you all a Pat Robertson Story in Stupidity. I don't know what I am going to do when he eventually meets Jesus. I may have to discontinue this column (or start watching Fox News--eek!).

But today is a real doozy. Did you all know--because I did not!--that Buddhism is contagious?

It's true. It is. I did not realize this, until I saw Robertson's comments on it.

Here's what Robertson said, as explained by Raw Story here:

Robertson replied by noting that “healthy” people might not contract a “mild contagion.” 
“But if you put yourself in the middle of a hospital ward where everybody has the disease except you, sooner or later, you will be infected by it,” the TV preacher warned. “If you’re in the middle of hundreds and hundreds of people who believe that way, you’ve got an uphill fight.” 
“And I think your best thing at that point is to withdraw with dignity,” Robertson said. “Get out of that environment because they’re going to get to you before you get to them.”

 So yes. I know you were all wondering; you can, in fact, catch religion from someone.

I think this is the best reasoning to avoid Robertson and The 700 Club that I have ever read.

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