February 02, 2015

Stories in Stupidity: Brave Christian warrior fends off attack from Muslim citizens attempting to learn about the operations of state government

Last week, a brave Christian warrior™, Christine Weick, took a stand on the steps of the Texas State Capitol. According to Raw Story she bravely braved the Muslim hoards:

Weick...was interviewed Thursday by a variety of local and conservative media outlets after she took the microphone from a Muslim speaker and proclaimed Jesus as Lord.

Obviously, children singing the national anthem and Muslim citizens trying to learn more about the operations of their state government were merely operatives of a reconnaissance force planning to take the Capitol by force.

I can truly understand a Christian being afraid of the use of children in warfare, as the Children's Crusade remains but a memory and we know how effective it was.

Our BCW™ went on to say:

“Once they get that established, we’re all going to be wearing hijabs,” Weick said. “Women, come on, do you want this oppression coming upon you? Keep your intolerance – or, keep your tolerance going. Keep it going. Keep your complacency, and you will have it.”

It's obvious that takeover is EXACTLY what these Muslim citizens had in mind. Just look at how they described their event when advertising it in the Austin Chronicle:

TEXAS MUSLIM CAPITOL DAY People from all over Texas are welcome to attend, both Muslim and non-Muslim. In the morning, sessions on political activism will be held. In the afternoon, meet with our state representatives. 9am-4pm. Texas State Capitol, 1100 Congress, 512/305-8400. www.cairtexas.com/event/texas-muslim-capitol-day. 


 On the Center for American-Islamic Relations Texas website they went into more detail on their dastardly plot:

Texas Muslim Capitol Day is a day-long event at the State Capitol in Austin. It will be held on Thursday, January 29, 2015 and is scheduled to begin at 9 am and finish at about 4 pm.
People from all over Texas will attend, both Muslim and non-Muslim.
We will provide buses to transport attendees there and back, and we will provide box lunches and water.
In the morning, sessions on political activism will be held. In the afternoon we meet with our state representatives.
Texas Muslim Capitol Day 2015 is an opportunity for community members to learn about the democratic political process and how to be an advocate for important issues.
Reserving your spot today guarantees you a space to share in this important action for shaping the future of our Muslim and Texan communities. Register today!


Of course, the real danger was the children. Maria Guido of Mommyish illuminates the brave actions of the protestors:

“Oh, you gotta be kidding me,” is the first thing you can hear one of the men say when the first notes of the anthem began to become audible over the squawking cacophony of background noise helpfully provided by him and his buddies. 
“If you’re gonna sing it, put your hand over your heart like a real American!” shouts a women who is wearing a hat during the National Anthem. Do as she says, not as she does.

And of course, the helpful calls to take a stand on world issues, as Guido also points out:

 “Denounce the violence!” screams another woman at the singing girls. It is not clear why she thinks these six children have to make amends for violence committed by strange men somewhere across the globe. I’m sure she apologized for the Sikh Temple Massacre, the 2008 Unitarian church shooting, and Oklahoma City just before the video starts.

Who was this brave person? Let's revisit that first bit from Raw Story (emphasis mine):

Weick, who became a viral video star last fall after “MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!” was posted online, was interviewed Thursday by a variety of local and conservative media outlets after she took the microphone from a Muslim speaker and proclaimed Jesus as Lord. 

Yes. This is the woman that discovered the insidious truth about MONSTER Energy drinks.

As Raw Story also points out, this isn't even her most stunning achievement:

“They came into our churches and held a call of prayer at the Washington National Cathedral – that was a statement that they made,” said Christine Weick, who disrupted the event in November and then a Muslim rally this week in Texas. 
“But I would like to know, can Franklin Graham go into one of their big mosques – maybe the biggest one in our country – and let’s have a service there?” Weick said. “Let’s bring in our Bibles, let’s bring in our liturgy, let’s bring in the hymnals, let’s put up crucifixes where we acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, and let’s go into their mosque and do that. I guarantee you that will never happen because they scream tolerance of everything, and yet they’re not tolerant of us – at all.” 

Yes, in a twist too good to be true for your Over the Cuckoos' Nest Correspondent, this is also the Invisible Woman who invaded an interfaith ceremony at the National Cathedral last fall.

As Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars points out:

Except, of course, they didn’t “come into” your churches. They were invited in to that particular church, just as Christians have also been invited in to mosques for similar interfaith services.  

Clearly, this was an attack on the National Cathedral and the sanctity of the Christian minority in this nation. I can see why Weick felt that she needed to take a stand, and keep taking a stand. *nods solemnly*

The End.

((All joking aside, I truly wonder how many Christians are denouncing this activity in the interest of promoting the religious freedom they tend to get so hot and bothered over [supposedly] losing.))

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