January 29, 2015

Finding Sense in a Year Without God

Last week, Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist interviewed Ryan Bell. Most of you are probably familiar with that name already. Bell is the pastor that took a step back from his faith in March 2013, began a spiritual journey, and announced in December 2013 that he would live 2014 as he imagined atheists did.

At the end of it, he announced that he no longer believed in a god.

Bell chronicled the entire journey at his Patheos blog “A Year Without God”, and I encourage everyone to read along. I did not follow him throughout the year, but have recently been catching up.

I really enjoyed the podcast. As was pointed out recently in the comments of a blog piece on Bell, part of the appeal was definitely that Seth himself had been through the experience. He truly knew what questions to ask.

As someone who also spent the last year deconverting, I found the interview incredibly relatable. One quote stuck out at me the most, though. Bell said:

The world just makes more sense to me when I hold onto…when I just sort of embrace this idea that there isn’t a God.

Leaving my faith left me with the very real feeling that the world just might not make sense. I feared that losing the schema that had underwritten all of my experiences to that point.

What I found was much different.

Much like Bell, the world made more sense to me without a god in it than it ever did trying to rectify reality with the phantasmal.

And if you are out there, struggling to make sense of a world with a god, please, do yourself a favor.

Take a moment to imagine a world without one, and see if it works.

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