December 18, 2014

When is too much, too much?

It's been a crazy week.

Monday, we found out my mother would be having surgery Thursday (today).

Tuesday, I found out my older son had brought home the lovely gift of lice for the holiday season and had already managed to spread them to his little brother.

That, and I was still trying to work. And had Dad's birthday to celebrate.

All in all, it's been a nutty week.

Saturday will be my last day working for the season. Our lice situation appears to have been resolved (please, flying spaghetti monster, let it be done!), and my mother's procedure, while sudden, is routine and was not unexpected (we knew she'd need it, but were expecting it to be some time before she could get in for it--not a four day turn around).

So I haven't been able to keep up with the blog this week. I haven't really been able to do any writing at all, in fact, and I am in sore need of an afternoon of wine and laptop revelry.

Next week will probably be rough also and perhaps the week after that--Mom's in recovery, which means I'm going to be handling Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, which are always big 'round here. Then we have my stepdaughters again the week after, and are going to be visiting my in-laws too. Craziness all around.

But I promise that I have some good content lined up. The posts won't be as frequent during this time, but I'll be able to be more attentive without the additional issue of trying to squeeze in time to work too.

After the holiday season is over, I hope that my schedule will return to what it was and I will be able to get back to what I really enjoy doing most of all: writing.

See you all on the flip-side.

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