October 03, 2014

Under the Weather: Regularly scheduled posts will resume on Monday

Y'all, I have awoken feeling like absolute doggie doo. I thought this was just allergies yesterday, but it appears to be a cold or sinus nastiness.

I cannot currently form truly coherent thoughts with the amount of cold medicine I am on, so instead, I will spare you my cold-fueled rantings and ramblings.

I'm gonna be laid up on my couch watching Sherlock on Netflix and reading Carl Sagan's The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God, which I checked out from the library and would like to finish by next Wednesday.

Our Feminist Friday post for this week is cancelled, but the atheist bible study post I promised will appear next week after I have a chance to compile all the information into a cohesive form. The first post will be talking about the Pentateuch as a whole, and then we'll jump in to an overview of Genesis as a whole, and then chapter by chapter. If we like the way it goes, we'll work our way through the Bible doing the same thing.

Anyway, that's all I've got for you. I hate to take up your time just to say I am sick, but...personal blog. :-P That means I get to whine and bitch! Although I'm pretty sure my husband would say I am taking some liberties with that particular right today, at least around our house.... ;)

Have a wonderful Friday, a great weekend, and I look forward to getting back at it on Monday.

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