October 06, 2014

Story In Stupidity: WorldNetDaily columnist understands ISIS, we can all go home and repent now

Even after a few months of blogging and some Google alerts that are poised to trigger some really...shall we say, gnarly....stuff, there are still moments that surprise me, even if they remain a common refrain.

Before I started blogging, I had a pretty good picture of the conservatives that are far right in our nation. These conservatives aren't that different than what I grew up with in church pulpits at various times--they oppose abortion, gay marriage and Democrats, and they believe the combination of the three above will bring the downfall of America.

And yet, it still shocks me to see these arguments put as bluntly as this columnist from WND does. As Addicting Info tells us:

No, according to columnist Mychal Massie of the right-wing WorldNetDaily, abortion, immigration reform, and yes, the gays, are responsible for why the extremist militants in ISIS hate the United States. 
In his article, titled “America – Poised For Collapse,” Massie claims that it is because the sin of sodomy, among other things, that has caused these militants to rise up against the US and other tolerant countries: 
“They view America in light of what she supports— and let there be not one doubt that these pagans understand that the homologation of same-sex marriage, sodomy, the wholesale slaughter of 54 million unborn children, weak politically correct officials, ad nauseum are not the qualities of the enlightened; they are the traits of the damned.”

Unlike Addicting Info, I can't write it off as easily.

You see, I've sat in front of enough preachers to know that this is a view Christians hold near and dear. I've also seen it evoke enough passion and fire to understand how it can drive people to commit atrocities like hate crimes or even abortion clinic bombings.

Having seen what it can do to Christians, even not so extreme ones, and understanding how it could affect more extreme Christians, I can see how such things might not make extremists from other religions love us too much.

Do I think it's a primary cause for ISIS? Naw. That's crazy talk. It honestly makes me far more afraid for the people currently stuck under them than it does for American interests. I've seen what fundamentalist Christians with a severe persecution complex and evangelical attitude can do.

I can only imagine how much worse it would be with a battle-hardened army at their backs.

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