October 08, 2014

Faithful Factions: Reactions to humanist and atheist community building

I am truly excited about the growing secular movement in the US. Recently Sunday Assemblies launched in 35 new cities, including just an hour or so away from me in Charlotte, NC.

One of the facets of my former life that I miss the most is the community that came from belong to church. I am intrigued by the Sunday Assembly, and I hope to get a chance to head up and check it out soon.

But any progress isn't without its backlash, and this has been no different.

I ran across a story on Dispatches from the Culture Wars that highlighted threats made to the leader of a humanist community in Louisiana that are absolutely terrifying:

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work. You’re (sic) little group of devil worshipers is not welcome here. Let the love and message of the Lord filter through you and may you escape from the eternal damnation that you have condemned you (sic) and you’re (sic) innocent children to. Repent you’re (sic) Satanistic ways or you will find that the Lord works in VERY mysterious ways. You are against God and are not welcome in this area and we WILL spread his message to the hearts and minds of your innocent children. To deny His word to your children is abuse, and if you do not learn to love Him and His word then we will have no choice but to take action to protect your children from your devil-enabling ways. Do not even try to report this to police – we are everywhere and His work will be done in His name thru (sic) us, the true believers.

That seems...so Christian, doesn't it? Very Christ-like....

 I ran across this story before I read up on the rollout of our Sunday Assembly, and I have to say, between the two stories, I am fast losing faith in people.

Here's a few of the responses.

I suppose it could be worse. At least there were no public threats.

But it's disheartening to see this kind of reaction to a nontheistic gathering all the same.

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