September 05, 2014

Procedural: Adjusting the posting schedule (again!)

Hey there, loyal readers. Y'all are awesome. Just thought I would start with that.

A quick note on posts: School is back in session, which means my eldest is gone all week long. In the interest of spending a little more time with him on the weekends, I am claiming Saturday as my day off. Also, while I will still schedule a Sunday Soundbite, but I will not be monitoring the blog on either Saturday or Sunday.

Instead, I'll be using my Monday mornings to drink caffeinated beverages and respond to any messages, tweets, emails or comments. To accommodate this, you'll probably see us as short a post on Mondays.

If this is complicated, that's fine. You can still tune in any given evening or subscribe to get posts straight to your email. ;)

Have a lovely weekend. I'll see you all on Monday.

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