September 12, 2014

Feminist Friday: Different but equal is a thing, guys

After the Ray Rice fiasco this week, I'm seeing quite an uptick in the "feminists are wrong, men and women are fundamentally different" rhetoric around the web.

Unfortunately, I deleted a post that I had saved specifically to illustrate this and cannot find it again. Dammit.

But the rhetoric is familiar: Men and women are different physically. And I don't know that anyone is arguing that.

Feminists have never been about erasing femininity. That's a common misconception. The movement is about equal rights for everyone. That's it.

We've discussed this before. Matt Walsh also uses this reasoning, as we discussed in another post not long ago:

To be equal is to be the same. Women are not equal to men because they are not the same as men. Therefore, a woman's freedom is really slavery if it forces her to abandon all of the unique feminine abilities and characteristics that make her a woman.

I was reminded of the picture that I opened this post with while looking over my son's homework this evening. He was writing addition facts that could help solve subtraction equations. It's a distinct point; even different ways of thinking, different ways of conceptualizing, different ways of visualizing, can all lead to the same end. They are all equal, intrinsically valuable, in and of themselves.

And so are we. All of us, with our distinct impressions and perceptions and conceptions and thoughts and emotions, are different.

But we are equal.

And valuable.

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