August 16, 2014

Why Does Atheist TV Scare Ken Ham?

Recently, Atheist TV launched. It's available online or through Roku devices.

The channel has been received a mixed welcome, even from nonbelievers. However, the response I find most interesting is that of Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis fame.

Ham had this to say, as reported by Charisma Magazine:
Ham is disturbed that the new channel brags of having "superstition-free programming." This, he says, implies that religion is just silly superstition, but atheism is rational and logical. However, he continues, laws of logic and rationality only make sense if God, who is logical, created them and made us in His image so that we can understand them! 
"Laws of logic shouldn't exist in a completely random materialistic universe that the atheists believe in—and yet they do!" Ham says. "It is incredible that atheists spend so much time, effort and money arguing against Someone that they don't even believe exists! Where are all their books, websites and magazines that argue against the mythical Easter Bunny? This is because they do know God exists, but they are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18)." 
And, Ham continues, why do atheists care so much about proclaiming their message? He argues atheism offers no hope and is ultimately a totally purposeless religion. 
"If you die, that's all there is, so why do atheists push so hard to preach their message of hopelessness? Why does it matter to them what anyone believes? It's because they have the knowledge of God stamped on their hearts but are living in rebellion against their Creator," Ham says. "Sadly, this new TV channel is not just targeting adults with a hopeless message of godlessness, but they are also trying to indoctrinate children into an atheistic worldview." 
Ham asks a pointed question: Isn't it bad enough that humanistic thinking has led to over 55 million deaths of aborted children in the U.S. alone, and now the atheistic humanists want to continue their attacks to poison and destroy the minds of children who have survived the abortion holocaust? 
"You see, we live in a world that is fiercely battling for the hearts and minds of our kids. And yet, it is a world where those who teach their kids the truth of God's Word are accused of child abuse!" he says. "But Scripture commands believers to 'train up a child in the way he should go' (Prov. 22:6), so we need to boldly stand on the authority of God's Word and teach our children that the Bible's history—and message of salvation—can be trusted. I encourage you to take advantage of our 'Kids Free in 2014' program at the Creation Museum—bring as many kids as you can to hear the message that the Bible can be trusted, there is a God, and He died for them."
I have to say, the first question that comes to mind is: Why is Ken Ham scared?

First, this channel is available in a limited market. It's not like it's something you are going to stumble across--it's something that you will have to go looking for. I highly doubt any believers' young child is going to go and hop on Google and look for Atheist TV, streaming live to their handy dandy laptop.

Second, if atheism is so hopeless--why be afraid? Why fear it? Wouldn't people see it for the hopeless sham that it is? Shouldn't Atheist TV be a GOOD thing--to let people see just how hopeless the philosophy is? If it's so hopeless, you'd think people would be smart enough to see that for themselves.

I don't know that there is any programming for children on Atheist TV--so far, I've seen reports of lectures, meetings, conventions, and talk shows that my  kids would want to watch.

Why do we want to proclaim this? We aren't proclaiming anything. Atheists would like to see programming geared to them, programming that discusses things they are interested in.

And don't get me started on us being behind the "abortion holocaust". They do realize that it's not just atheists that are pro-choice, right? There's a wide variety of people involved in the movement, including--gasp!--Christians.

On top of all of this, I have to point out--again!--that atheism is a religion, as has been said time and again, in the same way that not collecting stamps is hobby.

Once again, Ken Ham points out that he doesn't truly understand what he is talking about.

I really shouldn't be surprised.

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