August 15, 2014

Stories In Stupidity: Matt Barber bravely stands up for the rights of bakers and dressmakers everywhere

Once upon a time, ladies and gentleman, there was a brave man named Matt Barber.

Barber was fighting the good fight. He was trying to keep everyone from having sex in a way that was Not Like Him, loving people in a way that was Not Like Him, and marrying people in a way that was Not Like Him.

Barber was appalled at all of the people that were Not Like Him doing all of these things in ways that were Not Like Him.

So he made a brave decision and went on a radio show to express his distrust of those that were Not Like Him. He said:
"[W]e are seeing now that it's escalating to the point where, you know, bakers and photographers and people over the issue of counterfeit gay marriage... they're going after Christians, they're going after churches. People are going to be facing a real monetary persecution -- fines, the loss of a business, people are losing their jobs... 
"So it's escalating, but we're not to the point, obviously, that we're seeing with our Christian brothers and sisters around the world in Iraq, in Syria, in Sudan, and elsewhere where they are literally being tortured and beheaded. So it's a soft persecution in the United States but that's the gateway drug, unfortunately, to violent persecution."
Clearly Barber understood something we do not. Clearly, he saw the link between persecution of Christians in countries that already persecute LGBT+ individuals for what it was: clear proof that if we continue to not persecute LGBT+ individuals we too will wind up persecuting Christians.

Clearly, Barber understood the severity of the issues around the world and only wanted to make the world safer for Christians that are in danger of not being able to discriminate against people that are Not Like Them.

 Barber invoked the strength of the past, encouraging people to "revisit some of the civil disobedience [that was seen] in the '60s" in order to bravely defend their right to deny people services on the basis of an inherent characteristic that they cannot change.

This was not a sole battle though, my friends. This lone warrior, this brave troubadour, has sounded the clarion call again and again:
The remarks aren't particularly surprising given Barber's history of claims against the LGBT community. Earlier this year, he praised Russia, Uganda and Nigeria for their anti-LGBT laws in a "Faith and Freedom" radio broadcast.
In 2013, he claimed that "sex-centric" gay couples "define their entire identity based on aberrant sexual behaviors and sexual temptations and acting on those temptations," and has suggested that adoption by same-sex couples is "basically purchasing children."
It is up to the brave few to understand Barber's view for a different world, a better world, where there is no one Not Like Him.

And then we can all live happily ever after.

The end.

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