August 01, 2014

Newsflash: No one is looking at Jamie and Cersei Lannister as normal

For some reason, opponents of gay marriage continue to take fantasy for reality. This week it's Game of Thrones.

It's no secret that I am an astronomically, fanatically addicted to Game of Thrones--I'm a bookie, whom my mother lovingly refers to as a "book snob".

So I'm kind of deliciously excited by this:
‘With increasing frequency and openness, the media are now promoting and even celebrating incest,’ Brown continues. 
‘The popular HBO series Game of Thrones’ also features an adult, brother-sister sexual relationship.’
Anyone that watches the show is probably cracking up right now.

Do these people watch it, or do they just pull whatever they can about it off the internet? Because anyone that watches Game of Thrones can tell you that the Lannisters are NOT a family that is any way celebrated or glorified. They are not held up as a model to be emulated in any way whatsoever.

The idea of holding them up as proof that a way of life is being normalized? As a way to prove the idea of a "slippery slope"?

It's simply laughable.

The dynamic between these two individuals is so complicated and dysfunctional--the idea that it's being celebrated is just outlandish.

Jamie and Cersei aren't characters that we want to emulate. They are people that we pity, and sometimes even hate.

That's a far cry from being promoted or celebrate, my friends.

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