August 13, 2014

New Project: I am super excited to be working on something that I am super excited about.

I'm a parent. I may have mentioned this once or twice, or I may, in fact, have an entire page dedicated to posts about this subject on this very site. Who can remember?

Anyway, one of the things that I have struggled with is how to raise my children without faith. I was raised by Christian parents, who were raised by Christian parents, who were raised by Christian parents who were raised by presumably Christian parents, going back to time immemorial.

And yet, here I am.

An atheist.

Trying to raise kids.

Whatever will I do?

One memory that I distinctly have of my childhood is sitting down at night for family devotions. It was great quality time. My ambitious new project is building off of those memories.

I'm creating a serious of Family Circle activities.

You know I'll share, mostly because I love hearing myself talk. Or type.

I'm going to model them after the family devotions of my youth, but here's a small peek at the topics that I am looking to include:
  • secular morality and ethics
  • critical thinking
  • logic
  • famous doubters and scientists
  • science
  • history
I'm pretty excited, honestly. The idea itself occurred to me over the weekend, and I've been mulling over whether it is something I can commit to or not.

I'm currently considering two different schedules for sharing it: a weekly post, that gives you all of the materials and an overview, or a separate post every morning. I am leaning towards the latter, because it will give me the ability to organize by topic so that parents who find the site can pick subjects if they want to use some of the material.

I'll be linking to web articles and referencing books that I'm using to help myself understand the topic better (and I'd wager even some that already have a good grasp of the topics will be interested in refreshers).

I'll also be tying in to how the circles can reinforce the Common Core Standards that our state (and many others) are currently using. I know the standards are somewhat fraught with controversy, but allow me to say that I am biased and a huge fan of them.

Fun and games to be had, I promise, and hopefully minimal work for parents, because I am lazy. #Truth

Anyway, hopefully it will be something that will be interesting to others. Certainly it has me excited. Regardless of how I post it, it will be in addition to the regular posts of the day.

In the meantime, you may notice a slight downtick in posts because I'm devoting a bit of energy to this project. At least one a day, preferably two, but we'll have to play it by all.

I'd like to wrap this up by asking you guys, "How do you teach your children about your family values?"

I'm quite interested to hear the answers!

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