July 25, 2014

Story in Stupidity:
Mentioning AIDS researchers lost is politicizing MH17?

Gather around, ladies and gentlemen, for this week's tale of thickness. This's week's statement of silliness, argument of doltishness. This week's....

Story in Stupidity.

We begin with a piece from the Daily Beast, which introduces us to Bryan Fischer.

Once upon a time, Bryan Fischer had a radio show. And a blog. And somehow, an audience.

Bryan is a man with a dream, guys. A man with...a plan, if you will. Bryan knows how to solve one of the leading crises of our day, the AIDS epidemic. Bryan understand the way things really are:
Bryan Fischer believes he has identified the real tragedy of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine on Thursday: men are still, despite his best efforts to stop it, having sex with other men.
You see, Bryan understands that the world would be a better place if everyone, everywhere, loved like he loves. With as much bigotry and misunderstanding as they can muster.

No, not that--but he would at least like all of you heathen homosexuals to quit screwing and spreading your diseases.

Bryan, our hero, stood up for the beliefs of...well, hopefully not so many. He believed that President Obama had brought politics into his statement regarding the tragedy of so many lives loss. Obviously, he was correct, because the Daily Beast tells us:
During a press conference at the White House on Friday, President Obama expressed dismay at the loss of the researchers: "These were men and women who had dedicated their own lives to saving the lives of others, and they were taken from us in a senseless act of violence. In this world today, we shouldn't forget that in the midst of conflict and killing, there are people like these. People who are focused on what can be built, rather than what can be destroyed. People who are focused on how they can help people they've never met. People who define themselves not by what makes them different than other people, but by the humanity that we hold in common."
Well, there's the problem right there in the third line: dedicated their own lives to saving the lives of others. Couldn't they have dedicated it to the saving the lives of people that matter, instead of prostitutes, junkies, and homosexuals? Gawd.

The Daily Beast shows us that Obama did NOT stop there:
Further, Obama said, the US is "going to continue to stand for the basic principle that people have a right to live as they choose, that nations have the right to determine their own destiny, and that when terrible events like this occur, the international community stands on the side of justice and on the side of truth." 
People have a right to live as they choose, folks. Now that just ain't biblical!

To be fair, it was that last statement that our protagonist Fischer took issue with:
On "Focal Point," Fischer's radio program, he expressed outrage over Obama's remarks: "That's President Obama saying that the United States is committed to the proposition that people ought to be allowed to live as they choose. Once again, using this tragedy to advance the normalization, the legitimization, of, of homosexuality… President Obama politicizes this event to turn it into an opportunity to advocate for the normalization of sexual deviancy." 
You read that right. Fischer is so brave to take a stand based on one small fragment. There's NO WAY WHATSOEVER that sentence could have referred to the rights of people to choose to live in a way that does not involve being on a plane that gets shot down, right? That wouldn't make any sense in this context WHATSOEVER, that's just crazy talk. Hold on, let me shut down the logical part of my brain that governs my ability to read and comprehend things.

For real though, we have a beautiful example of confirmation bias. No where in Obama's statement does he mention homosexuality at all. Let's look at the context:
Disputed statement: "People have a right to live as they choose"
Next statement: "Nations have the right to determine their own destiny"--are the nations *also* choosing to be gay? Or are they simply choosing to be nonviolent or to fly their planes over airspace without that plane being shot down?
Last statement: the international community stands on the side of justice and on the side of truth"--obviously the truth of homosexuality, right? 
A far more logical interpretation of the statement is that, as I suggested above, it is referring to the right of all people to live nonviolently, without fear of violence being committed on them. That's it.

But Bryan has started from the point of "Obama wants to make us all gay" and worked his way  back--so that that statement then takes on a different meaning, unsupported by the contextual evidence.

Okay, and maybe I attributed more to Bryan's beliefs in that statement than he said, but still...

Surely Bryan has realized the error of his ways, right? Maybe...:
After Fischer was criticized for his response to Obama's remarks, he defended himself: "I didn't politicize Malaysian Air tragedy, Obama did. HE injected homosexuality into discussion." 
Of course night.

And then they lived happily ever after...the end.

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