July 31, 2014

Red and Blue Make Purple: Watching conservatives and liberals meet in the middle is fascinating

I ran across an interesting feature on the Indiana Gazette's webpage called "Red-Blue America", where two pundits are given the same situation and give their takes on it.

This particular piece presented the thoughts on this situation:
Debra Harrell was arrested recently after the McDonald’s employee let her daughter spend the day playing in a nearby park while she worked her shift. The South Carolina woman says her daughter had a cellphone in case of danger, and critics say that children once were given the independence to spend a few unsupervised hours in a park.
 The question is: Is parenting being criminalized?

And both pundits come to a similar conclusion.

From the liberal, Joel Mathis:

The pundits beating their chests and filling talk radio airwaves are missing the point. We’re not criminalizing parenting. We’re criminalizing poverty. And that’s a very old story indeed. 
And from the conservative, Ben Boychuk:
Oh, but we are criminalizing parenting. And by “we,” I mean overly concerned passers-by who believe that dangerous predators lurk behind every park bench and overzealous police who see any unaccompanied child as a would-be victim of abuse and neglect. 
Both of them come to the conclusion that this situation is Bad, but each comes at it from a different perspective. Each takes a different route.

But I find this heartening.

Even if we can't arrive by the same route, even if one of us must take a bus and the other a train, or one a teleporter and another a Tardis, one by the Enterprise, and another on the Millennium Falcon, the simple truth is that we can get there. We can get there together.

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