June 03, 2014

Think of the Children:GLSEN using students to promote a "gay agenda"? Give me a break.

Organizations promoting a culture of acceptance for LGBT+ individuals have faced significant pushback in public schools. Recently, we have seen two examples of this.

In Brunswick County, North Carolina, parents are upset over outreach by the Gay-Straight Alliance, created by a senior at South Brunswick High. The GSA reached out to high school and middle school students at a school event.

Said one parent, “I don’t think we need a sex based club.”

In another stunning case, MassResistance, an anti-marriage equality group based in Massachusetts, is accusing GLSEN of attempting to use student organizations to promote a “gay agenda” in public schools. Says one source:
However, MassResistance’s report indicates that promotion of the homosexual agenda, not bullying prevention and universal respect, are the real goals of the organization.
 This idea has been repeatedly spread across religious right and political conservative news sources.

They want kids to feel comfortable around homosexuality and those issues, feel comfortable coming out, feel comfortable taking on those behaviors, feeling comfortable with everything about it.
 Well, yes. That’s accurate.

Both of these cases indicate a real disconnect between these political/social activists and the actual mission of this organization. A quick peek around GLSEN’s website absolutely points out that they are involved in anti-bullying of a variety of types. While they are primarily involved with LGBT+ youth, they also work with organizations that promote understanding and fight bullying against students with disabilities. They provide training to teachers. All around…they’re the good guys, and yes, they’re doing exactly what they say.

I think the scariest part of reading this entire scenario is a poll of One News Now readers. When asked “What is the primary objective of homosexual activists who target youths?”: 
  • 65% of them (1,760 votes) answered, “To brainwash them that the lifestyle is ‘normal’”
  • 23.2% of them (621 votes) answered, “To recruit children into the lifestyle”
  • 9.11% of them (244 votes) answered, “To question God’s truth about morality and sin”
  • And 1.94% of them (52 votes) answered, “To make their parents appear to be ‘intolerant’ and ‘hateful’

 So, to point out a variety of misconceptions here:
--The consensus still points to homosexuality being something people are born with.
--No one in their right mind would “choose” to be homosexual.
--No one’s trying to “recruit” your children.
--No one’s “brainwashing” your children.

This is really getting ridiculous, folks.

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