June 07, 2014

Things I Have Argued with My Toddler About
And no, I'm not sure who won

Sometimes, having a toddler is the single most frustrating experience I have ever endured. My older son was so very compliant. My younger son? Well...

He takes after his mom.

He loves a great argument. Here's a few of the things we have argued that I can, in retrospect, laugh about.

Maybe you can tell me who won...

Wearing Shoes Places

Me: You have to wear shoes. The sidewalk is hot, and you could step on something. You'll hurt your foot.

Him: Bootsie doesn't wear shoes.

Nursery Rhymes: Sing a Song of Six Pence

Him: (points to illustration of what is clearly a pie) That's a waffle.

Me: (trying to parent) Well, let's read back through the rhyme and see if it's a waffle.

**We reread**

Me: Okay, what does the king eat?

Him: A pie.

Me: So what's the king eating in the picture?

Him: A waffle.

Wearing Clothes Places

Me: You have to put on clothes so we can go to Nanny's.

Him: Bootsie doesn't wear clothes.

Me: But people do.

Him: I am going to take them off when we get there.

On Nanny Night

Him: Is tonight Nanny Night?

Me: No, tonight is Wednesday. Nanny Night is Saturday.

Him: I think tonight's Nanny Night.

Me: Not until Saturday.

Him: Nanny Night is on Wednesday this week.

Wearing Clothes Revisited

Him: I'm cold.

Me: Why don't you put a shirt on?

Him: I'm going to get a blanket.

Me: A shirt is like a blanket you can wear.

On Kool Aid

My husband: What kind of Kool Aid do you want, bud?

Him: Grape

MH: We don't have any grape. What other kind?

Him: Purple.

MH: Grape is purple. We don't have any grape.

Him: Purple is not grape.

MH: Alright. We're out of purple. What kind of Kool-Aid do you want?

With His Brother

Older Son: He's touching my toys!

Him: I'm not touching his toys. (holds up Wolverine) Wolverine is.

On Watching TV

Him: I don't want to watch this episode.

Me: This is the one you picked.

Him: I know. I don't want to watch it anymore.

On Vegetables:

For context, see this post, the very first on the blog.

MH: Eat your asparagus.

Him: I don't want to eat my asparagus.

MH: You need to eat your vegetables if you want to grow big and storng.

Him: I ate a vegetable.

MH: Oh really? What kind of vegetable did you eat?

Him: It was round and orange.

MH: You ate a carrot?

Him: Yes. It made me big and strong.

MH: That was like...three weeks ago, son....

Him: I ate a vegetable.

Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. Or eating them.

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