June 08, 2014

Sunday Soundbite: Hispanic millennials shifting faith

Happy Sunday! I hope it is beautiful for you.

Today's Sunday Soundbite is talking about losing (or shifting) faith.

In 2010, 67% of Hispanic adults identified as Roman Catholic. Today, Pew Research Center has found only 55% still identify as Catholic. 22% identify as Protestant, and 18% as unaffiliated.

The most startling change, however, has been among Hispanic millennials. 28% of all hispanic millennials identify as religiously unaffiliated. That's trending precariously close to the national average, which shows about 31% of millennials consider themselves religiously unaffiliated. That means nearly 1 in 4 identify as unaffiliated. That's significantly more than the 18% of adults mentioned above.

Most continue to identify as Roman Catholic, but the trend does, in fact, echo a larger loss of adherents by Catholicism, by far the largest Christian denomination.

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