June 09, 2014

Sorry: We will be short a post today.

A quick procedural note: Our 8 AM and 12 PM posts will be the only posts today.

After spending the weekend cleaning out our attic and preparing my stepdaughters' bedroom, and with my trip to attend my aunt's internment and my husband's trip to collect his daughters for the summer coming up this weekend, I find myself living in a cesspool of utter chaos, and I simply must right it.

Okay, maybe cesspool is a bit harsh, but I have boxes of things waiting to be donated, lots of things that need to be tidied, and, yes, even my sink is overflowing with dishes. Unfortunately, my blogosphere will have to come in second to my domestic sphere today.

I hope to have everything all caught up and have three full and insightful posts for you all tomorrow, right on schedule.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to trade me and come do the housework so that I can post, I am of course accepting volunteers. ;)

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