June 02, 2014

Quick Procedural Update

I've made a few basic changes to the blog this week that I wanted to highlight briefly.

For one, I switched templates to something that I consider more simplistic. I like the background free from images because it feels easier to read.

I added a Twitter feed to the homepage. This will highlight tweets made from the official blog Twitter as well as tweets at the blog. I created a separate Twitter from my own, although the link to follow both is still posted. That's just so that those folks that Tweet at me and aren't affiliated with the blog won't have theirs plastered on our front page.

We added some procedural pages, which freed up some space on the homepage. For one, About the Blog is its own page now, with a link on the navbar. I also updated with a Comment Policy and Contact Us page.

We also added a widget to the homepage that can serve as Ground Zero for new readers. If you are a new reader, check it out.

The biggest change is that I've attempted to make older posts more accessible by organizing them under topics. You may notice that there are now pages titled Belief & Nonbelief, Culture Wars, Current Events, Parenting, and Recurring Columns. These divide up posts based on topics and link you either to articles or to pages by topic. That means you can go to the Culture Wars page, click on abortion and see all of my posts on the topic. Yay for that.

I am also slowing down the feverish pace that I was at last week. Five posts a day? That was crazy talk. Right now, I'm aiming for three posts a day, Monday through Friday, and one a day on the weekends. Weekdays should see posts at 8 AM, 12 PM, and 5 PM. But don't hate me if it's a little less often. I'm definitely committed to one a day, but occasionally my time is occupied with my miniature terrorists, four-legged kiddo and the guy who lives in my house that I like to have sex with.

So I'm ending this post by opening the floor to anyone with suggestions or requests. I'm open to any and all ideas.

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