June 26, 2014

Newsflash! Did you guys know that you don't really support marriage equality?

Recently, right here on Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I shared my personal move from my fundamentalist belief that homosexuality is wrong, unnatural and a sin to my current stance of all of you marry whomever the fuck you want.

It was not an easy journey, it was not a short journey, and it was a significant factor in my move into nonbelief and progressive feminism. As I began to dismantle what I had been taught with regards to homosexuality, I began to move towards questioning other parts of my faith also. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Little did I know that my support for marriage equality is entirely fabricated.

From a piece shared on Joe.My.God:
"Consent that is manufactured is not real. Proponents of same-sex marriage haven’t won in the arena of ideas—they have won through manipulation. The moral high ground the radical left seems to enjoy is extremely fragile, because its popular support has been fabricated. The left’s only hope of retaining this support is to continue to suppress free speech and religion. They cannot risk the proclamation of truth—whether it be the truth of the Gospel, the truth of natural law, or even simple common sense. But the ground won by the radical left can be regained. If we are as disciplined and focused as the proponents of same-sex marriage, we can not only retake this ground, we can also pave new inroads. We must not despair; we should regroup and prepare to wage the battle in a new and different way." - Homosexual horcrux Doug Mainwaring, who will be a featured speaker at NOM's hate march.

That's right, folks. All of this support is simply fabricated. It's manipulated. It has been manufactured.

You see, here's what happens.

You take a good Christian girl like what I was as a teen. You put her in this Leftist™ Liberal™ Gay-Supporting™ Machine. Then she pops out the other side, supporting gay marriage and all sorts of other liberal agenda items. It's a damned shame.

Currently, there are so many of these production facilities up and running that there's no end of manufactured marriage equality supporters out there. There's enough to say, sway the Supreme Court, convincing them to approve marriage equality for state after state.

That's right, folks. We are everywhere. Little Stepford Marriage Equality Supporters. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I can't speak to the experience of every single marriage equality supporter, but I know that my support, and the support of those that I know, is absolutely real. To have the support for equality minimized in such a fashion is insulting.

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