June 16, 2014

Dear Christians:
No one wants to take away your Bible

Dear Christians,

When I was little, I remember hearing Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham on the radio in my mother's minivan. Mr. Ham clearly has a passion for this subject.

Creationism and evolution aren't the topics that I am looking to address in this post thought. What I would like to talk about today is the idea that evolution disproves the Bible and makes it obsolete.

The inspiration for this post comes from this quote from an Answers in Genesis post:
It is obvious that if the secular age estimate is correct, then the Bible is in error and cannot be trusted. Conversely, if the Bible really is what it claims to be, the authoritative Word of God, then something is seriously wrong with the secular estimates for the age of the universe.
If the science is right, then obviously the Bible is in error and cannot be trusted.

I would hope you wouldn't need an atheist to tell you this, but that's bullshit.

There are many different religions that have adapted their understanding of the world. Indeed, many Christian denominations are among them, adjusting to view the Bible as the inspired teachings of God, filtered through the knowledge and understanding of the time.

It doesn't mean that the Bible is suddenly unbelievable, though.

You can still believe the overall letter of the teachings, while still allowing yourself to adjust to current attitudes. The two are not entirely incompatible. Many Christians have, and continue, to do this every day.

No one wants to take the Bible away. We're only trying to understand the world at large better.

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