June 18, 2014

Myrtle Beach approves far reaching LGBT+ protections

It's not often that I get to call my state out for making strides in the area of LGBT+ rights, but today is one of those days, and I am pleased as punch.

Carolina Live reports:

The city council passed a resolution adding new language to its human rights ordinance at its June 14 meeting, and gay rights activists say the newly written ordinance is now the most comprehensive in the state. 
Other cities in the state have adopted ordinances protecting gay and lesbian rights, but often those protections are limited. 
The city's human rights ordinance includes language to protect sexual orientation and gender identity.

In other cities in our state that have added such language, the protections are sometimes limited only to city employment. Myrtle Beach has made it far more reaching.

It's great to see a city in our state take a progressive stance, when the past few months have been one blow to our perception of LGBT+ equality after another, from our state legislature strong arming colleges to a non-gender conforming teen being forced to remove make up for a driver's license photo.

Thank you for taking a stand, Myrtle Beach, and I look forward to my beach trip next month more than ever!

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