June 27, 2014

Answer Key: Don't read this one unless you have read our Movie Night post! It's the answers!

This morning, we talked about Movie Night options and I challenged you to suss out which ones from my list were real sources of outrage for conservatives and which were not.

So if you were participating in our Movie Night list, here's the answers for you:

Beauty and the Beast

While I did not find anyone condemning it, there are rumors that dear Cogsworth is a homosexual.


This one was a no brainer. Lots of discussion about this one over the past year.

Lion King

All of the points for this one, actually, make it into conservative reviews on the subject.


I personally think the first one is true, but most of the people don't agree with me. The other two points, however, are true.




Sadly true. But Phil Collins still rocks.

Brother Bear






Pirates of the Caribbean

Apparently, Johnny Depp read "Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition" to study for the role.


A minor character comes out as gay at the end (also doesn't mesh with homosexual stereotypes--which was pretty neat)

Lilo & Stitch

Actually, all of these are accurate.

If you fell for the others, then it's an example of Poe's Law in action.

Thanks for playing along. ;)

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