May 30, 2014

Stories in Stupidity:
Can we please stop considering contraception an abortifacient already?

I...I can't even with the story I am about to impart to you. But I am going to anyway, because it is a story that needs to be told. It's the story of a man--a man who is taking a stand.

A very, very stupid stand.

That man is Saline County Commissioner John Price, and don't worry--I have some doozy quotes for you guys coming right up.

Essentially, the story goes a little something like this.

Once upon a time, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment offered grants to local counties to encourage them to offer contraception. To add some detail:
The state grant, worth $6,064...would have provided long-acting reversible contraceptives for county health department clients.
So, basically, for those who are using county health services--so, I'm assuming, not the county's most wealthy citizens--here's an opportunity for them to, free of cost, control their fertility for 5 to 10 years. What exactly could a woman do in that time? Well, get a college degree, or work her way up quite a bit at a job, I'd wager. Essentially, she could put herself in a much better position to have children. What a novel idea.

But wait! One man took a stand!

Commissioner Price could not have it.
"I am not going to stand before my God," said [brave sir] Price, "and he is going to point his finger and say, 'You aborted those kids'. I think it is murder to take this [grant money]. To me, it is murder, and I am not standing for it."
Well, sweet baby jeebus. That's a grand stand right there. I love the part where he says "I think", "to me", "at me", and "I am not" as he decides to legislate his morality (and woeful misconception) on every woman who could have benefited from these services. I am so glad that these poor hapless women will not have to make reproductive decisions for themselves, as good sir Price has already taken care of that for them. Thank you, Mr. Price! Can I get an AMEN? What about a Hallelujah?

Can we please just start hitting people on the head (with a giant inflatable hammer) when they say that contraception is an abortifacient? Contraception, by definition, PREVENTS a pregnancy. Abortion, by definition, TERMINATES a pregnancy.

You simply cannot terminate a pregnancy that has been prevented, because you cannot terminate a pregnancy that *does not exist at all and never did*.

This man is not only legislating morality, but he is doing so based on scientifically inaccurate information.

Is that infuriating to anyone else? If not, that's perfectly alright, because I am absolutely infuriated enough for all of us.

I'll leave you guys with a parting quote from Good Sir Price.
"If they were to convince me, these doctors, I would feel different. I studied this real hard. I just feel it is wrong. You can't change my thoughts."
Well, at least he admits his closed-mindedness. Now if only we could get him to admit his poor grammar.

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